Company introduction

Tasty food industries with along history in the food industry of the country have always tried to promote the health of community by using from modern technology,advanced devices in the field of production and packaging,equipped laboratories which are based on quality control with the world standards ,experienced experts,the latest scientific achievements regarding to modern knowledge and doing all the necessary tests which are carried out continuously before and after packaging products that this complex goal is increasing the quality of its products and satisfying the consumers.Tasty food industries try to reach the main goal which is promoting the health of community that they guarantee it from production to distribution.

It is worth mentioning that Tasty food industries with a cultural vision in distributing various products and respecting to the consumers offer all their products in accordance with the principles of optimizing production and following the national standards which is considered as an important principle.

It should be noted that this complex was successful to obtain the exclusive agency of distributing the gassy drinks of Freezer company in Iran by having enough experience and utilizing of experienced staffs.

Honors of Tasty food industry complex:

-Certificates of the standard health system of products(HACCP)

-Certificate of quality management system(ISO 9001:2008)

-Certificate of food safety management system(ISO 22000:2008)

The products of Tasty food industries consist of:

Nuts,dried fruits,cake and mix cake powder,jelly and dietetic jelly powder,cream caramel,pudding powder,flour,hot drinks(coffee mix,cappuccino and hot chocolate),cocoa powder,coffee,sugar cubes,sugar,rice,soya,cereals,spices and food seasoning.

This complex hopes to increase the quality and variety of the products by God’s assistance and the consumer’s nicety wishes.